What is a commercial video?

A commercial video is a form of advertising created for social media platforms and television. It is the outlet for your product, service, or company to reach your audience. It does not need to go deep into the details, but rather it gives your customers and potential clients a preview of what your enterprise does. These commercials typically relate best to the audience when they are approximately thirty seconds to one minute in length; nevertheless, commercial ads can vary in length depending on the outlet and content. One minute is usually enough time to lure your clients and make them eager to know a lot more about the products and services you are offering in your company.

Why should you use commercial videos?

Every type of businesses can benefit from commercial videos. This is because a commercial video is better placed to attract potential clients and customers more than print or still ads. These videos give the clients a glimpse of what your company offers, and commercial videos have a record for increasing sales and driving profits. A commercial advert is meant to capture attention, get potential clients excited about what you are offering and garner additional interest in your brand as well. If you are solely working on online content, using digital adverts is one of the best ways to make your brand known and also make the most of your online videos. In other words, big or small business video commercials will help you build your brand to propel customer purchases. In fact, we have a whole section dedicated to how important video is in marketing.

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How should you utilize video advertising?

Social media currently dominates the world, so a commercial videos lasting for around 30 seconds can be critical to the success of your brand. With so much media at our fingertips (literally) you need to grab your potential customer’s attention quickly, so shorter tends to be better. We recommend that you avoid television adverts due to the low return on investment and high cost. Instead, you should opt for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. These outlets are constantly budding and are very popular with the younger generation but seen and used by all age demographics. Social media networks are a perfect way to air your commercial video, but it we recommend you also invest a few marketing bucks for your commercial advert to gain some quick traction. With sufficient effort, your video advert could go viral, but this can take some time.

What are some of the features of video advertising?

  • Should typically be 30 seconds long or less
  • Generates awareness and excitement
  • Clear, visible and high-end branding content
  • Worth sharing through social media networks
  • Motivates call-to-action
  • Have some form of viral attribute

How do we measure the effectiveness of a commercial video advert?

Measuring the effectiveness of a commercial video advert is pretty easy with today’s technology. Utilizing analytics on all online platforms allows you to view and track video counts and gives a perfect indication of the degree to which the commercial video is reaching your audience. If no one is viewing it, the video doesn’t stand a chance to accomplish it’s intended job, and unlike TV commercials in the past, we can instantly access this information. Nonetheless, to get a considerable amount of views, you will be expected to invest some budget in going toward marketing the commercial video. Once you attain enough views, you should then pay attention to the levels of your engagement. The level of your target engagement should be around 80% and 90%+ of people who view your commercial video.

How much time does it take us to produce an incredible commercial video?

Commercial videos are generally designed to garner interest to drive customer purchase, and that means they typically take a longer time to create. On average, the commercial video production process will take somewhere in the range of two to four weeks for your commercial video to get ready without sacrificing quality. This time does not include the period required for revisions and feedback, which can add a week or two more, depending on the complexity and quantity of your requests, and your feedback processing time as well. Each project is unique, which means that the complexity of the project will significantly determine the time needed for production. However, after taking into consideration the individual variables of your design, we will then give you a more specific period.

How do we come up with the idea for a commercial video ad?

One of the essential elements of a commercial video is the concept since it illustrates the objective of a entire video. The concept is the outline of the advert together with it’s theme. It is typically the most exciting aspect of your local video commercials for your company. Our creative efforts are better placed to flow with the primary objective of creating a boost for your business. We go through your company information to thoroughly understand your service/product, intended target audience, and customers. We actively engage your company, to really get to know what will be most efficient in a video advert for it to be effective in your marketplace.

How much does a commercial video advert cost?

When establishing the cost of a video advert, you should factor in specific variables. Some of them include the complexity and style, potential licensing fees, length and the airing destination of the commercial video among other factors. To get a high-quality commercial video, you should be prepared to typically invest at minimum a few thousand dollars but this can go up significantly depending on the grandeur of the video. Nevertheless, because each commercial advert is unique and has its specific set of variables, we will give you a customized price quote for your commercial ad. If you need a series of commercial videos to promote what your company is offering, the price per video may go down as you add more commercial ads in a particular production cycle.

What kinds of commercial ads do we offer?

If it is video, we can comfortably do it. Having an effective online video plan means creating several different forms of video content; TV spots, screencast tutorials, explainer videos, demo videos, customer testimonials, company story videos, branding videos, and many more. We also specialize in several different techniques including motion graphics, stop motion, screencasting, live action, animation as well as 3D and 2D animation.

What is the standard process?

Once we meet with you we will need to know more about your products, services and your company to create and effective video campaign. During this time, you will complete our comprehensive brief and then communicate with our production team frequently throughout the entire pre-production process. After that, the production team will assemble and brainstorm several innovative ways to stage your story. On most occasions, this typically results in two or more ideas for you to select from, but at times we will present you with only one killer concept. From here we will then create a script and then develop a storyboard for you. Depending on the kind of project, live action or animation, we will then produce the video and finalize the project with sound design, music and graphics.

What type of commercial video production is appropriate for my company?

The secret to selecting a commercial videography firm is finding a team that understands your brand and mission statement, but can deliver a high quality project as well. They can look at your current status and tell you the type of videos that will benefit your company the most. It can be a viral video to give your business a spark, or an overview video to give your website a boost, or an online shareable social media video link distributed to your existing customers. If you are looking forward to taking your company marketing efforts to another level, you should also consider the company you select. Some companies who offer cheap rates will not be able to deliver a high quality product due to their lack of experience and equipment. You need a videographer that will listen to you, understand the needs of your business, and also respond accordingly, with a strong portfolio of past successful campaigns.

When should my company begin a commercial video creation campaign?

Many businesses, regardless of their size, have already started effective commercial video campaigns. Despite the package or format, your enterprise is looking for, the best time to create a video advert in the marketing strategy of your company is now. If you are looking forward to connecting customers and your business in a highly efficient way, a commercial video is the way to go. With the right video production service, you can improve your marketing strategies immediately, and you will begin enjoying the benefits of commercial video production within a short time.

What are the characteristics of a good video production company?

If you are looking forward to taking your company’s marketing strategy to the next level, it is time to switch from conventional advertising to digital advertising. A killer commercial video will effectively communicate your company’s message and attract more customers. However, not every video production enterprise is created equal. You should look for a commercial video production company that:

  • Offers various packages – Not all packages are right for all video projects. Some businesses only need 30 seconds to get a their concept across, while others need 60 to 120 seconds. Look for a videographer that offers you flexibility.
  • Uses experienced professionals – A commercial video production will represent your company and what it offers. Go for a commercial video videographer that has the necessary qualifications and experience to give you high-quality videos.
  • Utilizes current technology – In this day and age, you want a high-end and modern looking commercial video that indicates that you have a robust company with an extensive marketing strategy.
  • Listens to you – It’s very frustrating to work with professionals who don’t listen to their customers. Remember that it is the story of your company that needs narration. A video production team that listens to you always and correctly packages your message, is the one you should select.

What benefits will my company enjoy from a commercial video production?

Today’s audience expects quality from marketing efforts. Conventional advertising is not enough. Large, medium and small businesses are increasingly leaning towards commercial video production to pass on their message. It’s a very effective way of selling your products or services. All you need is an excellent video to diversify the marketing strategy of your company. With a high-quality video, your business can:

  • Increase your branding efforts
  • Spruce up your company’s website
  • Garner customer interest in your service or product
  • Impress potential and existing clients
  • Bring a more vibrant aspect to advertising
  • Increase sales
  • Boost customer confidence

How does Viral Video Media Group work?

Viral Video Media Group works a little differently than your typical commercial videographer. While we do all the innovative direction, drafting, and project management in-house, we also collaborate with other talented composers, designers, directors, camera operators, sound designers, and animators locally and across the world. Depending on the nature of the services your company is in need of, we will assemble a team to bring it to reality. This set up provides us with the flexibility to offer an endless array of styles and continually give unique, innovative work.

Why should you select Viral Video Media Group for all your commercial production projects?

There are various reasons to pick Viral Video Media Group to generate your commercial ad. We have a team of experts who are committed to ensuring that you are satisfied with your video advertisement. We take pride in our services and strive hard to go beyond your expectations. Therefore, your commercial video will be of the highest quality, and we will not look for an easy way out, or cut corners. We are experienced professionals, and your video advert will be exceptional.

Besides our dedication to our top-notch skills, we also have a long-standing record of high-end quality video adverts. Our proven record speaks clearly for itself. With thousands of satisfied clients, our company has earned an exceptional reputation. We can also connect you with our previous customers to hear how satisfied they are with our commercial video productions. After that, we are sure that you’ll want your video created by none other beside us. And we are confident you’ll not be disappointed.

We look forward to turning your commercial video dream into a reality. Our sheer creativity will quickly give you a product you will be proud of, and we are sure of it. If you are thinking about creating a video for your business or product, do not hesitate to get in touch with Viral Video Media Group today, and we will schedule a discovery call with our production team. That is the initial phase in developing the video advert of your dreams.